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MONARK – Monark Solitudes

grey MONARK   Monark Solitudes

NEW // “MONARK SOLITUDES” contains 64 quality presets full of mono synth leads, energetic synth, rolling basslines and other powerful and dynamic lead sounds, and deep arpeggio sounds and some up- and downlifter FX sounds.

“MONARK SOLITUDES” is perfect for providing cutting edge sounds to enhance your projects, whether you need more air, more low end, or just more drive. Each preset designed by “analogfactory – virtual instrument design and sound design” with enough flexibility for a lot of music genres such electronica, club-friendly music and also genres like hip hop, indie and postrock.

MONARK – Monark Solitudes – Audioplayer

Monark "Monark Solitudes" demo track by SoundBits.